Robbins House

Women’s Recovery Housing

Before the Robbins House I lived a very stressful life.  Luckily with my last days of being at a treatment facility I was recommended by my councilor to stay at a recovery house called the Robbins House.  I decided to take the suggestion and go to the house. 

 My first day there was very welcoming.  All the girls including the house manager opened their arms wide open with kindness.  They all shared their first days experience with me and I soon realized my nervous feelings were normal.

 I learned by staying at the house that there was plenty of rules to help me out through my recovery days.  I’ll admit that I was overwhelmed but once again I found that those rules are what I live by today.

 Because of the Robbins House I found that females, who I never really liked because I was the type of girl who hung out with guys, are really important to my sobriety.  I have found great women who I can call and/or hang out with because I can actually trust again.

 I was also told to go to AA and NA meetings at least 5 times a week and I honestly, to this day, go to 5-7 meetings a week because I love meeting new people.  I also keep in contact with my sponsor which is also a requirement for the house and because of that I have an amazing relationship with her.

 They also taught me how to be responsible again.  Daily chores that actually turned therapeutic for me, waking up for morning meditation on time, and also just keeping my word.  Today I am reliable again and people depend on me.  People trust me again and a lot of my appreciation goes to the Robbins House and the girls who were there with me during my journey. 

                                                                                                                                                                 ~Shuntel T.  Sober since Feb 11, 2016